InduPac – Expertise in packaging

Packagings are a logical and indispensable part of the state-of-the-art transport chain. This applies to the national as well as the international exchange of goods.


As a dispatcher, the safety of your goods is of highest importance to you. On the other hand, the complex requirements of the logistics industry for packagings are based on the desire to guarantee a smooth handling and a fast transport. Depending on the mode of transport, different stresses must be compensated by a packaging. Normally, this is based on a combination of climate, biological and mechanical stresses. The selection of suitable protective measures as well as their professional implementation for the individual case represents the most effective means to counteract the listed stresses.

As a service provider for the logistics industry, InduPac focuses on the protection of your goods and the smooth shipment.

Our high standard is achieved by the knowledge and the adherence to all relevant packaging guidelines and regulations as well as our expert personnel, which frequently participates in advanced training.

Fast reaction times and a flexible performance spectrum are characteristics of our service quality.