Films, conservation and corrosion protection

Missing or erroneous corrosion protection during storage and transport causes damages, which can quickly result in severe reworks or even a complete failure of the products.

Depending on the conditions of the product and the respective transport requirements, InduPac therefore uses the following processes:

Drying agents

used in water vapor tight packing covers, they reduce the humidity and protect against condensate and possibly mildew infestation within the closed packaging.

VCI corrosion protection

volatile corrosion inhibitors such as paper, cardboard, foam or oil, which are integrated in the packaging materials. They emit gases, which settle on the metal surface and therefore counteract the corrosion.

Aluminium compound film

ideal protection against outside weather influences. Precisely manufactured cases will be produced for the respective packaging product. By adding a drying agent, this is a very good approach for long-term conservations.

Shrink packagings

are closely covering packagings made of PE film or VCI films. For this purpose, the packaging product will be covered loosely with a transparent or opaque film and the film will subsequently be heated. This causes the film to shrink and to envelope the product in a dust and splash water protective manner, and it is corrosion inhibiting if VCI films are used.