Containerisation – Stowage and load protection, guarantor for a safe shipment

Suitable measures to protect the load are mandatory even in a relatively safe load carrier such as an overseas container. It is required to counteract the enormously high forces that occur due to the shock and compress motions during transports using ships or trains and this also applies to the climate and biological stresses. The fact that the average service life of a container is just six years demonstrates strikingly the rough conditions that your goods must master undamaged until they reach the destination.

However, the best packaging does not help if it is not transported professionally into the container. Therefore, containerisation is a major factor for the overall offering.

Transport goods and transport paths will be included when generating the stowage planning and all required steps will be taken to suitably secure the load. All load units will be fixated within the container and they will be protected against climatic stresses during the containerisation. The work steps will always be documented and archived.

This guarantees the undamaged arrival at the recipient.